Now that summer has officially arrived, friends and family will be over to enjoy your backyard swimming pool. The water is a great way to escape the heat and unwind. Don’t be intimidated by swimming pool maintenance. Follow these easy tips to keep the pool sparkling clean all summer long.

Run the Pump for Most of the Day

The easiest way to keep a pool clean is to run the pump for between 8 to 12 hours per day. Running it for at least half the day will cycle the water through a couple of times. Good circulation keeps the water clean and filters out algae, which can be a nightmare for a pool owner.

Pool Maintenance: Regularly Clean the Filter

Clearing debris from the filter will extend the life of the entire filtration system. Debris, leaves, rocks, and even pool toys can clog the system, so it’s important to empty the filter basket a few times per week. This is an easy part of regular swimming pool maintenance.

Skim the Surface When Needed

A skimmer or net is an essential pool cleaning tool. Make sure the extension pole is long enough to reach the width of your pool. This way it’s easier to catch debris floating on the surface without having to walk the perimeter. Skim the water daily to keep leaves, insects, and other debris from clogging the filter.

Maintaining Chemical Balance

Keeping the water balanced is necessary for pool health. Maintaining the chemical balance is surprisingly easy once you become used to the process. Your local spa and pool shop will sell a water testing kit. Use the test strips to determine the pH levels and alkalinity of your pool. The pool supply store can answer your questions and offer swimming pool maintenance advice.

A good target for pH level is 7.4-7.6, which is slightly basic. Low pH levels can easily be corrected with soda ash or other commercially available agents, but pay careful attention to the instructions. Alkalinity should hover between 100-150 ppm and baking soda can help raise the level if it’s low. Chlorine tablets are great for combating algae and other growth in the pool.

Shock the Pool After a Major Summer Storm or Heavy Use

If a big summer storm hits or you host a neighborhood pool party, add pool shock afterward to keep the pool healthy. The container for the pool shock will have directions on how much is needed based on the pool size. Shocking should be done at night when the sun’s UV rays won’t neutralize the cleaning effect of the shock solution.

Regularly Schedule Swimming Pool Maintenance

Regularly perform these tasks to keep your pool healthy all summer long. Follow the guidelines in the pool testing kit and use the instructions for adding chlorine and shock, and maintaining the pool will be a breeze.

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